Story District Presents

Story District Presents

Story District Presents brings you hilarious, heartfelt, and thought-provoking true stories told live on the Story District stage. Then, host Amy Saidman takes you behind-the-scenes with the storytellers hear more about what it takes to tell a great story. Find out more about Story District shows, classes, consulting, and storytelling opportunities at and follow us @storydistrict on social media

This podcast is produced by Lizzie Peabody (Managing Producer), Ronald Young, Jr (Associate Producer), Tim St. Clair (Sound Engineer), Ilana Nevins (Associate Producer), Nichole Hill (Associate Producer), Molly Butler (web designer) and Amy Saidman (Creative Director and host). This project was funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

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    11: Seven Deadly Sins: LUST with Caitlin Reilly

    Next in our lineup of sins? LUST. In this episode, find out what happens to our storyteller, Caitlin Reilly, as her fantasies of a steamy love affair with her eye doctor get out of hand.

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    10: Seven Deadly Sins: PRIDE with Joseph Price

    In the first episode in our Seven Deadly Sins-themed season, Joseph Price confronts the memory of a third-grade spelling bee debacle with a re-match, of sorts, later in life. Will he triumph? Find out in this episode on PRIDE.

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    Pre-Season Extra with Ronald Young Jr. and Time Well Spent

    We've got a pre-season treat for you! We're guest-starring an episode of Time Well Spent, a podcast produced and hosted by SDP's very own associate producer Ronald Young, Jr. In this episode, Ronald tells a story on the Story District stage that he's hid from his parents his entire life... until now.

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    00: Season 2 Teaser

    Story District Presents is back! And Season 2 is SINFUL. Don't miss it! Out April 4th.

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    9: Bonus! Chris's Dildo Story

    Bonus story! We heard from Chris Wade in our pilot episode, Divine Intervention. We're back with another story of his, infamously and affectionately known as the dildo story. For adults only. And worry not.. this story took place before he became the family man he is today.

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    8: Bonus! Cara's Breakup Story

    In this bonus episode we hear another story by Cara Foran, about the breakup that drove her to try storytelling for the first time. You can hear more from Cara in our previous episode, "The Birds and the Bees."

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